Get Your Gun


Get Your Gun hails from the northernmost part of the musical underground of Denmark. The trio was formed in 2008 by brothers Simon and Andreas Westmark

In 2014 Get Your Gun released their acclaimed debut album ‘The Worrying Kind’ and went on to tour in Europe with more than 100 concerts – e.g. England, France and Germany. After one and a half year of touring, the two brothers, Simon and Andreas Westmark returned to their homebase located in the Northern part of Denmark and 2016 was spent writing the soon to be released album; then recorded with Anders Lagerfors in Nacksving Studio One (Gothenburg, Sweden), in the beginning of 2017. The uncompromising dualism on the debut is modified and the moods blend on the coming album, ‘Doubt Is My Rope Back To You’. The band’s tremendous, dynamic fluctuations are now armed with a greater patience bolstered by hypnotic rhythms, atmospheric layers, and Andreas Westmark’s proclaiming vocals.